The 6 Most Important Vitamins For Men

We reveal 6 essential supplements to drive awareness around the issues that affect men’s health.

Since the early 2000s, November’s been known as ‘men’s health month’ largely thanks to the Movember Foundation, a charitable organisation bringing awareness to men’s health on a global scale. Aside from ‘bringing back the mo’, the Movember Foundation focuses its efforts on preventing men dying young – usually from preventable and treatable issues like testicular and prostate cancer, mental health and suicide.

Men’s health affects more than just men; it affects everyone in a man’s life, whether it be a parent, a sibling, a partner or a friend. So let’s talk some of the best supplements both men and their loved ones can get their hands on.

Head – To – Toe Health

Due to genetics, location, food availability, exercise and lifestyle, everyone has unique nutritional needs. Supplementation is never a ‘one size’ fits all, however, there’s two products we confidently recommend as the ‘go to’s’ for men and overall head -to – toe health.

If there was such a thing as a ‘wonder supp’, Omega 3’s would be it. With their anti-inflammatory properties, Omega 3’s improve bone and joint health, can fight depression and anxiety, promote brain and eye health, help treat chronic inflammation, lower the risk factors associated with heart disease, aid in weight loss and can also help fight auto-immune disease. Who knew that one little supplement could do so much?

Magnesium Citrate is one of our most bio-available Magnesium supplements. It’s not only key for muscle recovery and nerve function, but it helps calm your nervous system down, even giving you better quality sleep. Magnesium is also great for supporting cardiovascular health and effectively metabolizing proteins, fats and carbs.

Prostate and Testicular Health

If Movember has taught us anything, it’s that men are dying way too young, especially from treatable prostate and testicular conditions. It’s never too early to start paying attention to this particular area, guys.

You might not have heard of this one, but Selenium is high on our list of recommendations for men’s health as it may reduce your risk of certain cancers. Selenium is a very powerful antioxidant with the ability to reduce DNA damage, fight chronic conditions and boost your immune system – putting your body in a better position to crush cancer cells.
If you’re looking for something more targeted, check out our NEW Superfood Maca Powder. Containing 100% Peruvian sourced Maca Powder, it’s a great addition to smoothies, baked goods, and more!

Customer holding a pouch of Organic Maca

Mental Health

Mental illness is one of the biggest global issues we all face in today’s modern world. Actively paying attention to your mental health is crucial for overall wellbeing and could even save your life. The jury’s out on whether ‘happy pills’ actually exist, but we’ve tracked down two other helpful supplements that may be an ideal fit.

B 50 Complex is our combination formula of high-quality B Vitamins, including B12. B12 is an essential vitamin your body needs, but one that it can’t produce. Vitamin B12 is usually known as an ‘energy booster’, but it also may improve your mood and symptoms of depression because Vitamin B is needed to produce serotonin, the feel-good hormone responsible for regulating mood.

Vitamin D has also been linked to reducing depression through its mood-regulating properties and another great all-round product for men’s health. It plays a role in muscle development, testosterone levels and better blood sugar control. Only a few foods, as well as healthy doses of sunshine, contain Vitamin D – so supplementing it is one of the most efficient ways to avoid deficiency.